19 Food Memes That Can Make Your Stomach Hurt From Laughing So Hard

It’s widely known that food brings people closer and gives them something to talk about when all the other topics have fizzled out. We guess this is how food memes appeared.

Bright Side searched and came up with some of the most hilarious food memes that many of you out there won’t be able to help but feel related to.

1. Spinach, we hate you.

2. How much the recipe says vs How much I use

3. Maybe avocados hate people.

4. “...And one diet soda, please.”

5. When you tell grandma to prepare something small for you.

6. There’s no such thing as “too much cheese.”

7. Everyone likes to sleep next to their loved ones.

8. So that’s what this is made for!

9. After watching an hour of Master Chef:

10. Reducing my pizza intake to 3 pieces instead of 6 during bathing suit season.

11. When someone’s inner world is as beautiful as their appearance:

12. Who cares about makeup palettes when you can have a chicken wing sauce palette!

13. My idea of eating only one slice of pizza.

14. How we see our food when people ask us to share:

15. Who said that pizza doesn’t have any nutritional value?

16. When mom tell us to eat more greens:

17. Me when someone asks whether I like pizza or not:

18. 3 hours of preparing and cooking to make this:

19. My dietician said I can only eat one scoop of ice cream.

How many of the above memes do you feel represent your relationship and experiences with food? Please share with us down in the comment section.