18 Baffling Photos Where Something Unexplainable Is Happening

There are some photos that require us to stare at them for a long time in order to understand what’s happening in them. And at first glance, it might even seem that something fantastical is happening! However, this may be all because of a photographer who managed to catch a magical moment or take a photo of a regular object from an unusual angle. And very often, these mind-blowing shots happen absolutely accidentally.

We at Bright Side have prepared a fresh compilation of strange and funny photos that will make your imagination work at full power.

According to their looks, the guys in hot dog costumes don’t feel funny at all.

“Portrait mode on my iPhone X made my glass vanish.”

“This picture of my friend hiking makes him look like a giant sitting amongst mountains.”

This guy made a miracle! He managed to have perfect timing when capturing this stunning shot.

This is not a shot from a fantasy movie but rather, a welder doing their work.

“My cat’s eyes are closed, but in her reflection, they’re open.”

A blowball with the eyes of a bug

This goat is definitely going to become an Instagram star.

A huge camel caterpillar

A cool optical illusion in a Moscow metro

The monument dedicated to oilmen in Surgut, Russia looks like a commercial for a famous fast food brand.

Run! A giant insect is attacking the petrol station!

“This camera angle looks like my baby’s feet are not attached to a body.”

“Here’s a pelican trying to bite me for totally justified reasons.”

“It seemed for a moment that there was a real elephant behind glass doors being transported in the car.”

Not a cat-dog but a cat-cat!

The effect of a rolling shutter turned the rotating coin into a curved coin.

“Yes, that was me in those cat food commercials!”

Which photo took the longest to understand? Please tell us about it in the comments!

Preview photo credit dragun_slayur / reddit