14 Animals Only Vets Have Seen on X-Rays

Good vets in zoos have their animals examined every year. Aside from all other necessary procedures, animals should be x-rayed. We didn’t expect it, but the x-ray images of some animals made us see them from a completely different angle.

Bright Side offers you a chance to see the animal world in a way very few people have.

1. Flying fox

2. Flamingo

3. Hedgehog (the dark circle is gas in the stomach)

4. Pregnant horse

5. Thick-tailed gecko

6. Wolf eel

7. Tiger (paw)

8. Chameleon

9. Three-banded armadillo

10. Owl

11. Toucan (beak)

12. Royal python

13. Beaver (tail)

14. Turtle

And this is what a pregnant turtle looks like:

Which of these x-ray images surprised you the most? Tell us in the comment section below.

Preview photo credit Twitter / Weston David Pagano, WickedAwesomeKid / imgur