What a Handshake Can Say About Your Personality

A handshake is definitely way more than just grabbing and shaking each other’s hands. It can say a lot about a person’s confidence, intention, control, fear, intimidation and even lack of respect. You just need to know how to read this simple but so informative body language sign.

We at Bright Side think that reading silent signs like this is very interesting and quite useful and can’t wait to share it with our readers.

1. The double-hander

If the person does a handshake using the second hand on the back of the opponent’s hand, it’s a sign that the person is accepting their opponent’s dominance but wants to have a discussion. It’s saying, “Let’s talk about it,” and shows that the person is honest and open to communication. However, if the second hand is placed on top of the opponent’s hand, it can mean a lack of trust as a form of self-defense.

2. Dominant handshake

This person shakes a hand like a wrestler, flipping their hand on top of yours. A downward facing palm shows dominance and might even be considered aggressive. The person is basically saying, “I am the boss, I don’t care what you think, and I’ll have the last word.” Turning the hand slightly facing down is very controlling and is a sign of taking control of another person.

3. Submissive handshake

An upward facing palm, on another hand, is a submissive handshake. This type of handshake comes from timid or easily intimidated people and means that the person is not confident and can easily be dominated. If you notice that subconsciously you allow another person’s thumb to be on top, it might be a good idea to work on this because it looks like you’re assuming that another person is in control.

4. The dead fish

If the handshake is limp and floppy like a dead fish, it reveals a lack of commitment, indifference, and even weakness. It gives the message that the person can easily become submissive. However, keep in mind that in some cultures like in African countries, for example, a soft handshake is a polite way of greeting someone while a firm one can be considered offensive.

5. A bunch of carrots

When this person shakes your hand they pinch your hand between their fingers which indicates passivity. The person is practically saying, “I couldn’t care less,” and won’t even bother to show their intentions and character. It reveals that the person can easily be pushed around. However, it also may mean that the person simply doesn’t like physical contact.

Do you think you could read another person’s personality and intentions from a handshake? Are you ready to use it in practice? We can’t wait to hear your thoughts on it.

Illustrated by Leonid Khan for BrightSide.me