Choose the Person You Like and Find Out What It Says About You

This test is based on physiognomy which is the practice of assessing a person’s character or personality from their outer appearance, especially the face and so-called behavioral genetics. According to these 2 branches of psychology, it’s possible to find out a lot about your personality just by looking at faces you like. The only thing we need to do is compare the facial features of people in the photos with their personalities.

Bright Side encourages you to take this test and then share your results in the comment section below — we’re anxious to see if we can guess what your personality is!

Among these people, choose the one that seems the most attractive to you and find out what your choice says about you. Don’t rush. Just think about who you’d really like to speak with.


This person will do anything to be satisfied with their work and rest. They have strong willpower — the shape of their lips indicate this. They’re very straightforward and sensitive.

Who do these types of people attract?

Productive and collected people. People with strong willpower attract each other on a subconscious level. If you found this person attractive, it’s very likely that you’re a strong and decisive person too.


The nice shape of the sides of the nose indicates that this person is able to go from rags to riches, fighting all circumstances on her way. Slow people with a melancholic or phlegmatic temper are scared of such faces. The bright eyes indicate that this person is highly intelligent and the shape of their smile means that they can withhold their emotions.

Who do these types of people attract?

According to psychologists, such faces attract calm and thoughtful people. But this apparent self-control can also indicate a strong and decisive temper and a deep level of emotionality.


This person is courageous, passionate, and pushy. The upper part of the ears is just above the level of the eyebrows — this indicates high intelligence. The chin which is very prominent and sharp means that this person is idealistic and conscientious. They love doing things without procrastinating.

Who do these types of people attract?

Brave and serious people. A thoughtless person would not risk dealing with such a person. This choice means that you have a strong, possibly strict and stubborn personality.


The square-shaped chin indicates a strong and hard temper in combination with stubbornness and willfulness. Big eyes are usually a sign of deep sensitivity. The lips and the nasolabial folds indicate emotionality, a somewhat strange and dark sense of humor, and a serious attitude toward life.

Who do these types of people attract?

According to psychologists, strong and sensitive people attract kind and warm people who are looking for protection. This is a case where opposites attract and someone with strong character meshes well with someone weaker. Together, they can make a good team.


People who have a small chin are usually impatient, ready to meet you halfway, and have a sweet nature. They can be cool and collected. The tip of the nose indicates a happy attitude toward life. When it comes to the shape of the lips, in critical situations, such people deal with problems alone and don’t need any outside help.

Who do these types of people attract?

These cold, quiet, and easy-going people attract others in 2 cases: you are either just as calm as they are or you’re the opposite and want to take advantage of the fact that they’re not likely to disagree with you. So, your choice either means that you are a shy, strong, and quiet person just like the man in the photo, or you’re the manipulative type.


According to physiognomy, the sharp oval shape of the face indicates high sensitivity and talent. Experts also note that such people are cunning. The person’s big mouth means that they’re careless and not likely to doubt their decisions.

Who do these types of people attract?

Most likely, your job is connected with creativity or at least you have creative potential. You are kind and easy-going just like the girl in the photo. According to psychologists, people with a difficult personality can’t attract the opposite and vice versa. Their levels of “being difficult” should be about the same in order to evoke sympathy.


The even, long eyebrows indicate that this man is intelligent. The entire shape of the face shows that this person is very calm and doesn’t like any radical change. This person is in perfect harmony with the world. He may be an artist or a scientist. The long nose that is in perfect harmony with the eyes, mouth, and chin is an indication of their strong personality. The nasolabial folds say that this person might have gone through something difficult in the past.

Who do these types of people attract?

These types of people, according to psychologists and other experts, are very attractive in general. But if you chose this person, we think that you’re quite creative and just like this man, calm and in harmony with the world. It’s possible that you’re compassionate as well.


This big nose says that the person is worried about their financial situation and they’re likely to collect things. The proportionate chin is a sign of a stubborn personality, a logical mind, and self-confidence. The big front teeth say that this person had to deal with shyness in childhood. The shape of their lips means that they’re able to convince others and concentrates on practical activities.

Who do these types of people attract?

Quite pragmatic people who know what they want. But also, you are very kind, happy, and easygoing. You have strong willpower so you won’t try to adapt to the world and you can find your line of behavior in almost any situation.


People with this face shape are kind and peaceful. These people love comfort, good people around them, and don’t want to be famous. The big and prominent chin indicates self-confidence and good physical stamina. The folds around the mouth say that this person is naturally eloquent and communicative. And the short eyebrows indicate that he is a little bit impulsive.

Who do these types of people attract?

This is a case where similar people are attracted to one another. You are kind, peaceful, and funny. Most likely, you love communicating and enjoy being around other people. But maybe you’re actually somewhat shy and not very communicative but are looking for warmth which is why you liked this photo in the first place.

Did the results match your reality?

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