How to Disappear from the Internet

Nowadays, there’s information about almost every single one of us online. Whether it’s our profiles on social networks, data stored in the cloud, old messages left on forums that we can barely remember ever using, or something else entirely, our lives can now potentially be discovered by anyone with an Internet connection.

For those who want to turn a new page in their life, we at Bright Side have found this action plan that will help you delete all the information about you contained on the Internet.

Let’s begin with social networks

Every social network lets you delete your account. Remember which sites you’re registered on, and simply delete yourself from each one. When your account is deactivated, your name, photographs, and the majority of materials that you shared with any friends are erased. If you change your mind, most social networks offer you the chance to restore your account provided it’s done within a certain period of time.

Remember your past

Try to remember which sites you registered on in the past. Did you keep an online journal when you were a teenager? Log in with your old profile and delete it. If you’ve forgotten your password, every site has a way to retrieve it (usually by simply providing your e-mail address). You can also search through your e-mails to find the original registration/confirmation letter from the site. In fact, searching through old e-mails is an effective way to remember which sites and forums you previously registered on.

It’s time to be creative with the truth

On some websites, you can’t delete your account. Here you’ll have to rely on your ability to be creative with the truth if you want to disappear. Simply change your name, city, and other information to something completely false.

No more spam

Now you need to clean your inbox. Go through all the e-mails containing advertising or links to news websites, and click ’unsubscribe.’

Remove yourself from search engines

Type your first and last names into a search engine, or alternatively the name you used to go by on online forums. If the search results provide information about you, you need to get rid of it. For instance, if you find info on Google, work out how to delete it by reading this.

Contact webmasters

With some websites, you won’t be able to delete information about yourself on your own. In this case, you need to contact the webmaster. You can usually find their e-mail address in the ’contact us’ section of the website. Write a letter to them asking to have information about you erased from their site.

There’s still someone out there who knows a lot about you

There are sites out there that spies would just love. They collect information about all of your online actions. If you’ve ever registered on a website using your e-mail address or cell phone number, then at a minimum this will appear on Spokeo, PeopleFinders, and Intelius. In order to delete information about you stored on such sites, you’ll once again have to write to their customer service department.

The final step

All that remains is to delete your e-mail account. You should only do this at the very last moment possible, as you might still need the help of a company’s customer support services.

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