14 Dressing Hacks to Make You Look Chic But Not Vulgar

“Trendy is the last stage before tacky,” said Karl Lagerfeld. In the world of ever changing fashion, the key is to find your own truly unforgettable style. This can be tricky, since there are so many choices and options available. Deep cleavage, accessories, different shoes, and unique fabric shapes, and lengths — it’s so easy to get lost! Though, if you follow some simple rules, “stylish” will become your middle name.

Bright Side believes that looking good is easier than we think, and here is our list of useful dressing tips. Let’s explore together!

1. Show your skin strategically.

Looking sexy and attractive doesn’t mean you need appear almost naked. Instead, it requires the knowledge of what to keep under wraps. It’s better to choose one part of the body that you want to show to everyone. If you decide to show skin on top, then you should not show your legs and vice versa.

2. Round up your button-downs.

Button-down shirts are a true classic that never gets old. They help to elevate jeans and can add a decent shape to your body when you wear a skirt. The best way to wear this is to tuck your shirt into your pants, and amazing look is guaranteed.

3. Use bright accessories.

The right accessories and accents can spice up your whole look. Even if you prefer wearing neutral clothes and shoes, a nice bright bag or eye-catching jewelry will always look cool. But it’s better to keep in mind that too much in never good, so there is no need to overload your look with everything you can find in the accessory store.

4. Choose your pants according to your shoe height.

Pants that aren’t the right length for their shoes look pretty uncomfortable and get dirty quickly. When choosing long pants, hem them to your heels or flats, depending on what you prefer wearing, but not to the ground. It’s the best when hems just cover the top of your shoes and stay 1/2-3/4 inch off the floor. The right hem height will complement your shoes and your look in general.

5. Go hands free for evening.

When going out in the evening, the last thing you might want to do it to constantly hold your big handbag. An elegant chain purse that hangs on your shoulder will free your hands and allow you to hold your cocktail and other snacks in comfort and your look won’t appear overloaded.

6. Complement your shape.

No need to follow the trends and spend your money on everything that is fashionable during a particular season. The most important thing here is to find clothes and styles that will always complement your body. For example, if you are petite and fit, you shouldn’t go for oversized maxi clothes. While curvaceous girls will look good wearing A-lines and flowy tops.

7. Try to layer your necklaces, but not too much.

Necklaces will help you complete your look with interesting accents. You can experiment and layer the necklaces that are made of the same material, or they can be different to create a contrast. Thick, thin, feminine, and edgy, with stones or beads — there are so many choices. The most important thing is to not overdo it and place too many of different chains around your neck.

8. Nude pumps will save every look.

These universal shoes are a must have in every wardrobe. They match every skin tone and almost any outfit. If you are worried that you have too many colors in your look, then choose nude pumps to compliment it all and complete the outfit. Additionally, these shoes can visually make your legs look longer.

9. Get a leopard-print piece.

Leopard print is not just a simple accent, it’s the whole statement in your wardrobe. You won’t go unnoticed once you wear a coat, a skirt, a blouse, or anything with this print. But keep in mind that one piece can be enough. There’s no need to dress up like you are trying to disguise yourself as an actual leopard!

10. Don’t be scared to combine prints, but do it thoughtfully.

Colors, patterns, and prints can be combined, and if done properly, they will make you look stunning. There is a simple rule for this: the 2 prints should repeat the same color, or follow the same patterns (big with small). You can also use a smaller pattern as an accent.

11. Bright colors are a must try.

Many people are scared of bright colors because they think they will look too flashy on them. Well, there is actually nothing to be scared of. Just combine neutral with bright — like light gray and yellow. Also, primary colors like red, blue, and yellow go well together. But don’t overload it with too many bright colors, in order to avoid a tacky look.

12. Get a bra that won’t be so visible under your t-shirt.

T-shirts are usually made of thin fabric, so not every piece of lingerie will look good under them. Too lacy and with too many details will definitely be seen, and will focus unnecessary attention on your look. It’s a good idea to get a neutral bra just for your t-shirt days.

13. Loose and tight always look good together.

Baggy clothes surely are comfortable, but not all of them are chic, especially when you’re going to a special event. One of the easiest ways to keep wearing some of your favorite baggy pieces is to add something tight to your look. This will instantly spice things up and be suitable for any nice event.

14. Necklines matter.

When evening comes, we might feel like we want to wear something a little bit more revealing. One of the most popular areas to show is the cleavage. The best thing to do here is to reveal just 2-3 inches of cleavage, but no more than 4 inches. A nice pish up bra or any bra that suits your breasts will do the job and compliment your shape.

What clothing style do you prefer? What rules do you follow when creating your look? Maybe you want to share some photos of your favorite clothes? Let’s share them in the comments!

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