Let’s learn a conversation at a clothes shop

Conversation takes place everywhere. It is very important on the daily basis. The following is a sample conversation at a clothes shop which you will find it easy to practice, especially those who are learning English. Below the conversation, you will be provided with a list of stuff which you can choose to practice in your own conversation. Let’s get started.

Conversation at a clothes shop

Shop assistant     : Excuse me, can I help you, Sir?

Jonny                  : I’d like to buy a pair of jeans, please.

Shop assistant     : Alright, what color would you like – black or blue?

Jonny                  : I’d love the blue one.

Shop assistant     : What size do you take?

Jonny                  : Well, size 30. Are they available?

Shop assistant     : Of course, they come in many sizes. What about this one?

Jonny                  : That’s nice. Can I try them on?

Shop assistant     : Sure, the changing room is right over there.

Jonny puts the jeans on and they fit him. A few minutes later…

Jonny                  : Excuse me, how do I look?

Shop assistant     : Pretty nice! They really fit you.

Jonny                  : I’ll take them. How much are they?

Shop assistant     : That’s $20, sir.

Jonny                  : Is there any discount?

Shop assistant     : We offer you $5 off, sir. The original price is $25. So, would you like pay by cash or credit card?

Jonny                  : By cash, of course. Here is $20.

Shop assistant     : Thank you, sir. Let me pack them for you. Here you go.

Jonny                  : Thanks!

Shop assistant : Thank you again, sir! Have a nice day.

The following is a list of some stuff you might want to buy at a clothes shop. Choose one or two of the things you want to buy and make your own conversation. Look at the sample conversation above to help you.


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