15 Photoshoppers Who Are Really Good With Their Hands!

Photoshop gives us an opportunity to make beautiful photos even more gorgeous. But it can also be used just for fun. Take a look at these hilarious photos that can definitely be called a different kind of art.

Bright Side has prepared 15 masterpieces that deserve an award for the best photoshopped picture.

This hedgehog is still enjoying summer.

We like this celebrity selfie even more now.

Even trees can’t resist and want to have a booty like Kim Kardashian.

What could be more charming than a duckling? A duckling with a pearl earring!


“Fishing buddies”

The new Lion King film looks a bit different to what we expected.

“Portrait of a Man by Jan van Eyck”

Warning! This fluffy snake is dangerously cute.

Good boy Dracarys

A modern day American Gothic

The cutest space photo ever.

Blue parrot fish. Literally.

Bread Pitt

“I can show you the swaaamp!”

Which photo do you like the most? Can you photoshop pictures? Share your works with us!

Preview photo credit unknown / imgur, unknown / imgur