14 People Who Broke Down All Stereotypes

Can you believe that there’s a child who treats playing games on a tablet as punishment or a cat that likes to swim? Sounds unbelievable but we’re ready to test your faith.

Bright Side thinks that girls shouldn’t exclusively love the color pink and that boys shouldn’t be keen on football. The people featured in this article break all possible stereotypes!

Generation gap

After 20 years of not speaking to his wife, this husband finally broke his silence.

Police don’t only use dogs.

A driver getting a ticket from a “not a cop”

Do you still think girls are bad drivers?

“The best pizza ever!”

“This flower that blooms during one night only and wilts the next morning”

Will one clove of garlic be enough?

Movable property

“I’m not going to follow your rules.”

These figures aren’t always cute.

A wardrobe bed

A cat that likes to swim

An albino elephant

Have you ever broken down any stereotypes? Tell us about it!

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