20 Kind Deeds That Made Us Love Humanity

There are thousands of heroes in the streets every day. They don’t wear masks or capes and they don’t attract attention to themselves but they’re always ready to give a helping hand or improve someone’s bad mood.

We at Bright Side believe that kindness is the most valuable trait in any person and we’ve found 20 wonderful people who make this world a better place.

Keanu crashed this couple’s wedding.

“2 of my clients, a couple who have been together for over 40 years, found out that I like ducks. So they stopped by my office for the sole purpose of bringing me every duck they owned.”

A traffic police officer in front of a primary school

“I gave some coffee to a window cleaner.”

Waterproof shelters for cats

“Veterans came and built my grandpa a new ramp for his 98th birthday. He’s one of the last surviving WWII vets in our area. Happy 98th, Grandpa, now you can get outside more.”

Pink stopping a show to give a grieving teen a hug

“A local hospital is running a campaign to have all premature babies and born angels to have a bonnet at birth because it’s quite hard to buy those sizes. My mum has knitted 88!”

“I was going through a hard time and my friend who lives nearly 7,000 miles away decided to buy me a burger for dinner. It’s the little things that count.”

“Found a wallet a couple of weeks ago inside of a car that I was renting. The wallet had credit cards and quite a bit of cash inside. The gentleman who it belonged to happened to be celebrating his birthday that same day. I was able to mail him his wallet. A few weeks later I received this.”

“My wife was in an accident earlier today and another driver that was hit as well helped calm her down and I took this picture when I arrived.”

A mystery baker dubbed “the cake fairy” leaving sweet treats for Scots in the dead of night

“Someone has been leaving these all around work.”

“There’s a bowl of skittles in my office break room. I put 6 M&M’s in it.”

“Every week this woman walks around my town with a big tray of baked goods and offers one to everyone she sees. It’s such a simple act of kindness but everyone leaves with a smile.”

“My mom moved and noticed a toad lived in this corner, so she made a house for it. This is right when she saw it use the house for the first time.”

“My mail lady leaves a treat for my dog every day. She went on vacation and left her a bag to last until she gets back.”

“There was a card right next to the apples that said, ’Take some.’ On my way back, the bucket was half empty.”

When your mood is great:

Every day this man drives for hours to provide water for thirsty animals.

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Preview photo credit Patrick Kilonzo Mwalua / facebook