8 Crucial Things That Show If Your Relationship Is Draining You

After a breakup, we usually start thinking and trying to understand why it happened. We may blame ourselves, our partners, or our circumstances. But it’s better to analyze the situation and figure out if you both were ready to build a serious relationship.

Bright Side has collected 8 characteristics of serious and long-lasting relationships. Are you ready to test yourself?

8. Personal development

When your relationship is healthy, you constantly improve yourself. You find new friends, get a better job, and build your career. Your beloved will always support you, they aren’t envious of your achievements, and they don’t claim you spend all your time at work and don’t pay attention to them.

If your relationship is immature, you’ll notice that you have less friends, your career isn’t going anywhere, your life is devoted to your partner and their interests.

7. Attitude toward your partner

One of the main relationship rules says that you have to accept your partner the way they are. Of course, you might believe that you can change them or influence their views, but you shouldn’t force them to bend to your will.

First, these attempts usually lead to arguments. Second, if you’ve fallen in love with this person with their habits and flaws, it means that you’ve understood what you’re going to have to put up with.

A partner who truly loves you will always support all your crazy and even ridiculous ideas, not because they have to, but because they share your interests. You both act like one mechanism and you don’t care what others think.

6. Emotions

You shouldn’t feel uncomfortable with your partner. If you’re excited to be with them today and ready to break up with them tomorrow, it’s time to analyze your relationship. The storm of emotions and instability indicates that your relationship is immature.

5. Proving you do love your partner

Partners in a mature relationship know that they love each other and they feel great together. If your partner or you need facts proving that you love one another, it means that one of you has doubts about the sincerity of your relationship. One day, these small doubts can turn into huge gaps between you and your beloved.

4. Self-perception

A mature relationship is a relationship between 2 mature adults where neither tries to compensate their own drawbacks using the other person. If a relationship is based on one’s desire to offend or belittle their partner, it won’t be long-lasting and happy.

3. Problems

All couples face problems from time to time. These issues may be connected with either both or one of the partners. But in a strong relationship, problems only make your love stronger. Partners never blame each other, they simply overcome all difficulties together. If complications only cause conflicts, it’s time to think about whether your relationship is strong and mature or not.

2. Confidence

Jealousy is one of the most frequent reasons leading to a breakup. If you and your partner are confident and you believe each other, you won’t control every step and incoming text message. Even superficial flirting won’t cause an argument.

However, it’s better to be more realistic when it comes to impudent lies: like your partner always staying late at work due to “official meetings” and not paying enough attention to you. What’s more, if they’re cold and distant toward you, it’s time to think about your relationship and try to understand if your beloved truly loves you.

1. Love

One of the most important mature relationship features is a couple’s ability to share love. If you’re confident and don’t want to hurt your partner, you’ll share this beautiful feeling with them.

Sometimes initially, you really need love and want your partner to constantly share it with you. In this case, you have to understand that you’ll have to work hard on your relationship. Otherwise, you’re not ready for this relationship right now.

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Illustrated by Alice Perkmini for BrightSide.me