This 7-year-old child takes care of his injured sister all by himself after their parents abandoned them

“Sister, don’t cry anymore. Our parents don’t care about us. I will take care of you. You will be fine. If you are strong, I will buy you candy.” That was the comfort words from Zhao Wenjing for his sister, Zhao Wenhui.

11-year-old Wenhui was playing with her brother when she suddenly fell from the bed and crashed her head on the floor. The head injury apparently brought extreme shock to her brains that Wenjing recalled seeing his sister writhing on the floor, barely able to move.

Wenhui then was rushed to the hospital

Due to the injury, Wenhui had to be hospitalised. The injury left her in a very critical condition; she could not stop quivering. It was too painful for a young child like her.

Seeing his sister was suffering, Wenjing then bent down before Wenhui, gently wiping her tears away and whispered in her ear: “Mom and Dad don’t care about us. I will take care of you. You’ll be fine. If you are strong, I will buy candy for you.”

Then, Wenjing kissed his sister’s cheek

In spite of his small frame, he took all the effort to put his sister in a wheelchair and brought her to back to the ward

It is very hard to watch these young children taking care of each other without their parents by their side. It is understood that the siblings have been living independently all this while. Their father who is currently working in South China has not returned home for many years. They also did not have any contacts with their estranged father. To make it worse, their mother left home too. They have not heard from her ever since.

Wenhui and Wenjing currently live with their relative and they survive through a small monthly allowance. While most children are spoiled and showered with love from their parents, the siblings only have each other to rely on. Toys and new clothes remain as their distant dreams, things that they could only dream of and desire in silence.

Unlike some siblings who tend to fight with each other over petty issues, they are very caring towards each other

Wenjing who is 7 years old boy is very mature and understanding. He often comforts his sister when Wenhui starts to cry for their parents.

Whenever older children bully or tease his sister, Wenjing would stand up for her and protects her from the mischievous children. To Wenhui, Wenjing is not only her brother but is also her hero. She always let Wenjing gets the first dibs on their food and gives her candy to him. Perhaps, their harsh childhood has made these two children’s love towards each other grow deeper than anything else.

Following her injury, doctor found out that Wenhui had a tear on her right kidney and she needed an emergency surgery

However, there was no way that Wenhui could undergo a surgery. They are too poor to pay the hospital bills and could not afford a surgery.

Luckily, their tough life seemed to finally come to an end.

Emotional photos of Wenjing looking after his sister at the hospital which had gone viral on the internet had attracted many generous netizens to give donations to them. Thanks to the photos, Wenhui had more than enough money to pay for her surgery.

The story of the loving siblings definitely leaves a permanent mark on many people. The fact that they have to survive on their own after being abandoned by their parents is absolutely heartbreaking. Nevertheless, they manage to overcome every challenge with their strong bond.

We hope that many people will come forward to help these poor sisters and we wish that Wenhui and Wenjing continue to love and take care of each other until their last breath.

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