12 Gorgeous Men Who Made Us Forget About Beauty Standards

It’s great when life gives you a bonus: being born a handsome man as if you were created according to some rule book. And it’s even better if you don’t care about these rules at all, just like these 12 men from our compilation. These men not only accepted themselves as they are, but they also made the entire world like them. And the charming model in the bonus has become an alternative American idol.

The Bright Side team loves the diversity of this world and is amazed by people who are so self-confident that they can find their own way of self-expression.

1. Christiano, actor

This guy with fiery red hair is a Brazilian YouTube blogger and theater actor. In his free time, Christiano makes new videos for his channel and enjoys hiking in nature. He also shares these moments with his subscribers.

2. Bera, singer

Bera Ivanishvili, or simply Bera, is a Georgian singer and songwriter who was born in France. He is not the only albino in his family. His brother Tsotne looks like a small copy of his older brother and might also be a musician in the future.

3. Moostapha, model

Moostapha is a professional model from South Africa with amazing vitiligo. It’s hard to believe that it’s real. His unusual appearance made Moostapha interesting for modeling agencies and gave his career a huge boost.

4. Sanele Junior Xaba, model

As he is becoming more and more popular, Sanele is using his popularity to attract attention to the presence of albinos in the fashion world. Even though there are more opportunities for albinos, they are still limited by their own appearance. The thing is, albinos are rarely invited to take part in ordinary photo shoots or commercials. They are often offered parts in provocative and weird performances.

5. Nikolay Matannov, athlete

Who would have thought that Nikolay Matannov, a man from Yakutia, would look so perfect as an American Indian? The unusual appearance of this professional athlete attracted the attention of many photographers. Some people even compare him to the main male character from Mulan. Nikolay doesn’t think that he is attractive and he says that anybody can have a beautiful body if they want to.

6. Hairfreaky long hair, blogger

This guy whose nickname is Hairfreaky long hair, has quite an unusual hobby: he tries to grow hair as long as possible. To everyone who criticizes him he just says that nothing can be “too long” for a freak.

The most difficult part about taking care of such long hair is not washing, but drying it: he has to just sit for several hours and do nothing. Using a hairdryer is hard and he’s afraid of damaging his hair.

7. Samuel Friberg, blogger

Samuel is a young French guy whose birthmark is kind of divisive. But despite how people see this birthmark and if they think it’s attractive or not, we can’t deny the fact that he looks very special with it.

8. Kaine Buffonge, model

Just when he entered the fashion world with a freckled chin and braces, Kaine Buffonge climbed the career ladder quite fast. The guy admits that it wasn’t easy at all: he never wanted to become a model, he hated being photographed and he was really shy of his appearance. Fortunately, he had people near him who told him the opposite. We think that everything that Kaine needed is a little bit of confidence.

9. Zhengyang Zhang, model

Zhang is one of those models whose appearance you can’t forget. Take notice of the clothes he’s wearing. He spent almost 10 years of his life learning the traditional Chinese dances, so he is quite artistic. He admits that in his everyday life, he doesn’t dress and act like he does on stage.

10. Karim Mousseau

Despite his young age, Karim has already experienced the modeling business, but he was disappointed and stopped his career. He admits that he might return to it in several years, but currently he’s working on some other projects.

11. Danil Kudryavtsev, model

This model from Moscow has alien-like features that attract many photographers from all over the world. Despite traveling very often, Danil is getting his education in the power industry.

12. Javier Botet, actor

Javier was born with a rare genetic disorder called Marfan syndrome. People who have this disorder have very long bones, are really tall and slim, and have long limbs and fingers. But they are also incredibly flexible. This disorder requires constant treatment.

But thanks to this disorder, Javier is a great actor for horror movie directors. He sometimes doesn’t even need a lot of special effects to play a certain role.

Bonus: A new American idol

The beauty industry should finally realize that paying incredible amounts of money for photo shoots and promoting beauty trends do not guarantee people’s love. However, being unpredictable and having a great sense of humor can actually be the makings of an idol. Joshua Varozza who is not “ideal,” made a photo shoot for a joke calendar and now everyone loves him.

Joshua says, “Being an international sex symbol isn’t easy. Sometimes I detox and do actual work.”

Which of these men did you like the most? Or maybe you are someone who has an unusual appearance?

Preview photo credit beraofficial / instagram, cristiano_lb / instagram