13 Crucial Things Every Person Needs to Learn by the Age of 30

Life starts after 30. It’s then when we finally get a feeling of awareness and independence and understand our aspirations and true wishes. However, in order to make your dreams come true and get the maximum success in all spheres of life, it’s worth learning some things.

We at Bright Side chose 13 necessary things that every person should do by the age of 30. Don’t miss our bonus at the end — it will reveal 4 simple steps to happiness.

1. Find a job that you enjoy.

Having graduated from a university, we’ve experimented with changing jobs, working offices, salaries and professions. But by the age of 30, it’s quite important to find the very job that will bring you satisfaction where you’ll strive for more development and climb up the career ladder.

2. Learn to cook your signature dish.

You can either hate cooking or know all of Gordon Ramsay’s recipes by heart, but either way, you need to have a dish that you’ll cook better than anyone else. It should be a main course — having a signature dessert is optional. Experiment and don’t be afraid to add new features to your dish in order to master this skill. Having a signature dish provides you with confidence when faced with important visitors to your home.

3. Understand who your true friends are.

When we’re young, we’re surrounded by many people and easily get new acquaintances. Very often, we mistakenly think that they are all our friends. However, after some time, they disappear and only true friends stay close to us — those who will help you when you feel blue and those who will rejoice about your success with you. Appreciate the people who have stood the test of time and don’t stick to just anyone around you.

4. Stop telling everyone the details of your personal life.

Keep in mind that if you want to keep your relationships strong, you shouldn’t tell everyone about the issues you and your partner are facing. If you feel an urge to do so and you want to share your worries with someone, visit a psychotherapist. A professional will listen to you carefully and will help to analyze both your and your partner’s actions. All these things will give you the opportunity to look at yourself not only from the position of a victim, but you’ll also notice your own weaknesses and as a result, you’ll find the right way out of the given situation.

5. Prioritize correctly.

We always hurry through life, trying to do as many things as possible. But after some time, we understand that we’re focusing on small things and neglecting important ones. Usually, it’s trips and time spent with family that we remember; no one remembers how they had to do overtime in the office on a Friday evening. It is important to learn to prioritize and to do what you really want as often as possible.

6. Find money and time for vacation.

A lack of rest leads to moral and physical exhaustion and reduces your overall level of efficiency. That’s why it’s better to spend money not on the latest smartphone model, but on a deserved vacation. Having rested fully, you’ll be able to reload and make more. Make a rule to save 20% of your salary for a future vacation.

7. Get a driver’s license.

Getting a driver’s license motivates you for further actions. Once you get it, you’ll start thinking about buying a car and, therefore, will increase the level of your income. It’s easier to travel having a driver’s license — you can always rent a car when going abroad and will be able to see more sights.

8. Provide yourself with extra income.

Make sure that you have an extra source of income by the age of 30. It can be freelancing, some passive income or your own business. Even working in one of the most stable companies in your city can’t guarantee you a stable future. That’s why it’s necessary to provide yourself with an extra source of income so that you can handle any critical situation.

9. Move out of your parents’ house.

It’s very convenient to live with your parents — your home is always clean and there is always some food ready and waiting for you on the stove. However, sooner or later, you need to make the decision to move out from your parents’ home and it’s better to do it by age 30. It will help you to learn to plan your budget, taking into account the expenses you probably didn’t know about before — for example, payments for communal services and other small things like detergent, etc.

10. Learn to give speeches in public.

Many of us feel awkward when there is a necessity to give a public speech, to stand up for your point of view or to simply talk to a stranger. Learn to overcome your fears. A person who always stays calm and doesn’t use parasite words is received with respect and attention. Being able to talk nicely, you’ll get rid of insecurity, be able to present your project successfully, persuade your boss in increasing your salary and can stop any kind of debate or conflict beneficially.

11. Find your style.

An adult person should have their own personal style that makes them feel comfortable. Having found your personal style, you’ll forget about the eternal problem of choosing what clothes to wear. All because you’ll already know what clothes to choose to outline your personality and uniqueness. Moreover, knowing your style will help you easily choose new clothes that will match the rest of your wardrobe. Keep in mind that it’s your appearance that makes the first impression about you which is why it’s very important to feel comfortable in it.

12. Read classical literature.

We learn classical literature in school but due to our young age, we couldn’t realize the real depth of those stories. That’s why we shouldn’t be lazy and reread all those famous classical novels. We are sure that you’ll perceive them differently — you’ll notice more details, hidden hints and even connections with today’s world. Moreover, you’ll increase your cultural awareness, your speech will get enriched and you will be able to support an interesting conversation.

13. Get yourself in good shape.

We can easily do without physical exercises up to a certain age. Even eating chips late at night won’t affect our body shape. However, overall muscle tone decreases over time and the metabolism slows down. That’s why if you don’t want to end up spending your free time sitting on a bench at age 50, you should get in the habit of doing sports. Your weekly schedule should include physical activity that will help you stay in a good shape and healthy.

Bonus: 4 simple steps to become happier

Here is a curious fact: According to statistics, there is no such concept as the “happiest age”. We can be equally happy at any time. Here are a few simple steps to keep the level of happiness at a maximum level:

  • Spend 10-15 minutes each day in silence — unplug from everything: phones, laptops, work etc.
  • Refuse your bad habits and desires — they take too much of your energy.
  • Surround yourself with positive people.
  • Get yourself a clean home — messy home creates a messy mind.

Is there anything that we have forgotten to add to this list? Please tell us about it in the comments!

Illustrated by Alena Sofronova for BrightSide.me