20 Superb Ideas From Around the World That Can Save Us From Plastic Pollution

It’s probably about time to change the information in school textbooks and add a new ocean to 5 existing — an ocean of plastic. In fact, around one million plastic bottles are bought every single minute and less than half of them will be recycled. It’s no wonder that people are starting to get concerned with this problem and, luckily, share some alternatives to lighten the load on nature.

Bright Side wants to be a part of this movement and share 20 green solutions that can inspire you to take care of our planet right away. Do not forget to check the bonus section, we will show there how easily we can protect our oceans from trash.

1. A Thai supermarket packages products with banana leaves instead of plastic.

2. There are a lot of alternatives to plastic straws. These ones are made from wild grass.

3. Some restaurants use pasta.

4. And some cafes sell reusable metal straws. They come with a carrying case and brush for washing.

5. This package is made of agar-agar and water only. It bio-degrades at the same rate as its contents.

6. Would you like to try an eco-friendly toothbrush?

7. You can use loofahs instead of kitchen sponges.

8. The first plastic-free store opened in Slovenia.

9. Confetti can be made from fallen leaves.

10. No, it is not cheese, these are bars of shampoo. This form help to reduce the usage of plastic for bottles.

11. This cup is made of plant starch.

12. Some airlines refuse to use plastic too.

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13. It is even possible to create disposable plates from fallen dried leaves of palm trees.

14. “This package is made of caramelized sugar, coated with wax. To open it you crack it like an egg. The package melts when it comes in contact with water.”

15. This stuff is not only cute, but also environmentally friendly.

16. “My local organic shop sells diva cups and reusable pads!”

17. It is nice to see how many companies are concerned.

18. The sole of these shoes is made of material that can biodegrade itself in 748 days.

19. “This year I made my own origami pill cases to replace the easily broken plastic kind, and they have held up well!”

20. Here is plastic cutlery made from avocado seeds that completely biodegrades in 240 days.

Bonus: Special plastic-catching barriers are used in Guatemala to stop trash from entering the sea.

What product from the list would you like to try? Do you have other eco-friendly ideas that will help reduce plastic usage?

Preview photo credit Cửa hàng 3T / Facebook