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25 Superb Gadgets That Are Going to Turn Your Life Around

Gadget designers boost their creative process by various means and that is when they create masterpieces. They know the struggles of trying to add some butter to your toast when it’s so hard that you can barely spread it, or when you try to catch a spider in your house but it keeps escaping. They’ve managed to come up with some really effective gadgets and we think you’ll want to buy them right away!

Bright Side invites you to check out some genius gadgets and inventions that can turn your life around.

1. A cheese and butter grater that will make your cooking preparation time a lot easier

2. An automatic water fountain for our thirsty pets to help them drink effortlessly

3. An awesome critter catcher for those of us who are terrified of spiders

4. For all those who struggle to type fast on our smartphones, this virtual infrared keyboard can save the day.

5. Not only is this a very slim water bottle that can fit into our laptop bags, but it is also reusable.

6. Right after the apple slicer and the watermelon slicer, we have the mango slicer that can help you enjoy your favorite fruit effortlessly.

7. This is a digital piggy bank that counts the coins you save so that you can keep track of your savings.

8. Instead of putting all your keys on one keyring, you can turn them into a multi-pocket tool so that you can organize them all together without losing them.

9. This is an ergonomic vertical computer mouse designed to prevent wrist pain for those of us who spend most of our time working on our computers.

10. This is a lightweight collapsible water bottle designed to help adventurers save space and the environment when traveling.

11. With these magnetic measuring spoons that you can place on your fridge, you’ll never have to dig through your drawers again for your old lost ones.

12. Finally, an automatic toothpaste dispenser that the whole family can use without constantly losing the tube of toothpaste.

13. A power washing broom that connects to the garden hose and turns the outdoor cleaning process into fun

14. It’s good to know that there is an inflatable shower pressure bag for all those times we go camping.

15. For all of the astrology enthusiasts, this is a celestial globe lamp showing the earth during the day and the constellations during the night.

16. This mirror was invented to save us from all those times we struggled to get our hair perfect in the back and check out our makeup from every angle.

17. It’s a perfect gift for all the people who travel to work and like to enjoy their morning coffee on the go. This self-stirring travel mug will continuously stir your coffee, while also keeping it warm.

18. A baby head protector for toddlers who are just learning to take their first steps

19. For all those times we struggle with our deep cleaning, this little sweeping brush can reach into places that are usually impossible to clean.

20. This foot scrubber can help clean your feet effectively without having to bend over in the shower.

21. Food plate dividers that will make parents thankful and kids excited at meal time.

22. In order to avoid wasting any toothpaste and squeezing the tube in different places, here is a toothpaste squeezer that will make your life easier and help you get the most out of the tube.

23. This is a 2-in-1 gadget that can work as a meat tenderizer and it can also inject the meat with a marinade before it cooks.

24. This drain protector can save us from the worry of unclogging a blocked shower drain filled with hair.

25. For people who would like to take their problem-solving skills to the next level, here is a Rubik’s cube that can get you all kinds of confused.

Which of these gadgets do you like the most? We would love to know what you thought of them and which one is your favorite!