15 Fantastic Examples of Textbook Vandalism That Deserve a Scholarship

Many people are familiar with the feeling when a lesson at school or college seems to be going on forever. There are several ways to make it less boring: surf the internet, look out the window, or get creative.

Bright Side wants to give an award to the people who drew these 15 illustrations in their school textbooks. Maybe they should also be punished, but this level of creativity is not seen very often.

1. Patrick Starfish is way more interesting than algebra.

2. Someone seems to have more talent for drawing than for chemistry.

3. Boring books can make people create amazing things.

4. Taking a selfie

5. It seems that people from all eras love selfies.

6. I need this pizza right now.

7. Chasing wisdom

8. What’s new on Facebook?

9. Mario, is that you?

10. Okay, something is wrong with Marilyn!

11. Such talent!

12. This is a real drama.

13. Someone watches way too many horror movies...

14. This is how you spin someone.

15. May the Force be with you!

Which of these pictures did you like the most?

Preview photo credit STORM55487 / Reddit, GrumpyDingo / Reddit