10 Subtle Things That Prove You Are More Attractive Than You Think

Everyone knows that our own perception of ourselves is different from how other people see us. Many women are too critical of their own appearance and they try to change too many things about how they look. But huge eyes, long legs, and plump lips aren’t necessarily the most important criteria of beauty.

Bright Side came across some fascinating facts about female attractiveness. After going through this article, your opinion about how you look and how attractive you think you are may change...for the better!

Women with blonde hair attract more attention.

Many studies show that blonde-haired women are invited to dance and talked to more often than other women. Women with blonde hair should know: nature has already given you a bonus, so changing your hair color will not make you more attractive. But those who have black, brown, or red hair don’t need to feel bad about this — the secret of attractiveness is not just about hair color. Continue to read this article and you will find out many more interesting things.

It’s the shape of the breasts that matters more, not the size.

There is a stereotype that says the bigger the breasts, the more attractive the woman. But in fact, it is not true. Studies show that average-sized breasts are considered to be the most attractive and the shape of them matters a lot. Breasts that look fit don’t have to be huge to look attractive.

Pleasant smells increase the attractiveness of one’s face.

Perfume is not just a way to be different and let everyone know about yourself, it’s also a way to look more attractive. In a study conducted by Monell Chemical Senses Center, men and women were asked to evaluate photos of women. During the experiment, the researchers sprayed the scents of fish oil and rose oil in different proportions. When the pleasant smell of rose oil dominated, the respondents ranked the photos higher.

If you want to use this knowledge in your everyday life, you should know that smells that are too strong may have the opposite effect of what you intended, so you should be careful with them.

If a face looks young, the body’s shape matters less.

Mothers know what they’re doing when they teach their daughters to take care of their skin when they’re young. Studies have proven that female attractiveness relies heavily on how young their face looks. This is due to the fact that a youthful face signals to other people that the woman is healthy and has a good reproductive system.

Beautiful legs attract just as much attention as breasts and buttocks do.

Breasts are not the most attractive part of a woman’s body. This may sound crazy but it’s true: many women think that their legs are the most attractive part of their body. And they say that if breasts and buttocks are a loud scream, then legs are a silent whisper.

High female voices are more pleasant to listen to.

If you have a high voice, you’re already more attractive than many other women. Studies show that women with a low voice are considered to be dominant and are considered less attractive. Depending on who you’re talking to and what your conversation is about, you can make your voice lower and higher in order to have the necessary effect.

Long legs aren’t as attractive as medium-length legs.

This will make women who don’t have long legs very happy. It’s been proven that average-sized legs are believed to be the most attractive. They’re an important sign of good physical health.

The spinal curve of the lower back has a great effect on attractiveness.

Attractive hips and buttocks are important, of course. But there’s something else that has an even bigger effect on attractiveness: the spinal curve of the lower back. As it turns out, when women are pregnant, they develop a spinal curve that is believed to be very attractive.

Responsiveness significantly increases female attractiveness.

If you’re a more responsive person, people will love you. A series of scientific studies proved that women value helpfulness and care a lot. That means that the opposite sex thinks that caring women are extremely feminine and attractive.

Bonus: Tilted or upside down faces look more attractive.

When any face is tilted, it looks more attractive. And the funny thing is, the less attractive it is before the tilt, the more attractive it becomes after.

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