We Used the Snapchat Baby Filter on the “Game of Thrones” Stars, and the Pics Are Adorable

Snapchat made a great comeback by releasing a series of hilarious filters. Now people are putting the Snapchat baby filter not only on themselves but also on celebrities! And they’re sharing the hilarious results on social networks.

Bright Side could not resist and tried using this baby face filter on the main characters of Game of Thrones — and here’s what we ended up with. They all are so squishy — take a look!

1. This is how Melisandre would look if she’d put 2 necklaces on at the same time.

2. Jon Snow — more like Johnny the Snowflake!

3. Arya Stark if she had learned how to put a baby face on...

4. The first female baby knight looks like a little angel!

5. Can you imagine if this insidious villain had a doll face like this?

6. “Baby wolf do-do-do-do-do!”

7. Daenerys, Baby of Dragons

8. Baby Euron still looks like a bad boy.

9. Sansa Stark, Little Baby Queen of the North

10. Cutie Missandei is a double cutie with this filter!

11. Precious baby lion

12. The bravest girl on Games of Thrones turns into a baby doll with this filter!

13. Baby Tyrion is such a cutie-pie!

14. Baby Asha still looks like a tough cookie.

15. Ygritte, the baby wildling

Which characters look most adorable to you? Share your opinion in the comments below!

Preview photo credit Game of Thrones / HBO, Snapchat