Take a Look at 28 Celebs in Their Prom Photos (Spoiler Alert: Young Jennifer Aniston Is Adorable)

Celebs seem to be untouchable and impeccable while posing in magnificent outfits on the red carpet. But they, as well as other people, have gone to school, endured life lessons, made friends, fallen in love, and had fun at their prom.

Bright Side wants to show you how your favorite celebrities looked on their prom night. Let’s discuss how much they’ve changed!

28. Matthew McConaughey

27. Kim Kardashian

26. George Clooney

25. Claire Danes

24. Bruce Willis

23. Angelina Jolie

22. Brad Pitt

21. Lily-Rose Depp

20. Patrick Schwarzenegger

19. Jessica Alba

18. Jeremy Renner

17. Gaten Matarazzo

16. Beyoncé

15. Gigi Hadid

14. Terry Crews

13. Britney Spears

12. Will Ferrell

11. Sandra Bullock

10. Brandy and Kobe Bryant

9. Bruno Mars

8. Rihanna

7. Taylor Swift

6. Scarlett Johansson

5. Lady Gaga

4. Blake Lively

3. Jennifer Aniston

2. Jaden Smith

1. Sophie Turner

Now we want to take a look at your old pictures! Do you remember your prom? Was it fantastic?

Preview photo credit Vikram_Sharma / reddit