18 “Wow” Photos That Prove the World Can’t Stop Amazing Us

The world around us is an amazing place and it seems that we will never stop getting surprised by it. If you think that you have seen, read, and learned everything about it, you are wrong. There is always something out there that will amaze you.

Bright Side has prepared a new compilation of surprising photos showing just how many wonderful things are there in the world.

2 collided bullets that might have actually saved someone’s life

An extremely long shoe created by the Dufala Brothers Studio — it’s a size 90!

Chinese men working on building a new road on the side of a mountain to attract tourists.

Wrap-Around spider, named for its ability to flatten and wrap its body around tree limbs

A road loop in the desert

It looks like the house is shedding its old skin.

This is a nice plant, but you don't want to come across it at night.

The largest known flying animal to have ever existed

For everyone going on about how far humanity has come, here’s a customer complaint letter from 1750 B.C.

"I picked up a seashell today with beautiful converging lines."

"I saw this natural phenomenon near my home."

"I met my doppelgänger today!"

How is this even possible?

The sun melted the snow everywhere except where the bikes' shadows were.

Underwater waterfall

Nice haircut

A fountain

An elephant's foot

Which of these things amazed you the most?