20 Quick-Witted People Who Prove Simplicity Is Genius

Scientists have proven that less than 1% of people can be called a genius. But we disagree with these results and believe that each person can find genius solutions and change millions of lives. Each day people around us invent absolutely fantastic things that can make all our lives easier.

Bright Side is always striving to make your life easier and hassle-free, and we came across some genius people who have a solution to every problem. You’ll be surprised at how inventive they can get!

1. If you really want to make something work, nothing can stop you!

2. “Now I’ve finally learned how to seal my packages.”

3. When a dad desperately needs a massage but it’s his turn to watch the kids:

4. The desire to watch cartoons is stronger than you can imagine.

5. When you really need something to drink but the deadline is near:

6. Your flip-flops will definitely help you find a way to the beach.

More redneck engineering. Hey, if it works.... pic.twitter.com/bIupdhYn89

7. Always monitor what’s behind you with rear-view security.

8. “How to comfortably eat my meal from anywhere”

9. “Now I know how to fit all my tank tops on a single hanger.”

10. You can do even more things with your Legos than you imagined as a child.

11. When you’re hungry as hell but can’t miss what’s on TV:

FaceTiming my oven so I can see when my garlic bread is done. pic.twitter.com/r3d3znrMJ3

12. If it’s stupid and it works, it ain’t stupid!

13. My girlfriend devised a way to keep the plastic shopping bags we re-use as bin liners in place by using removable picture hooks.

14. “We finally found a way to include the photographer in our family photos, no selfie sticks needed!”

15. A simple secret to keep your groceries from tumbling around in your trunk

16. This is how you watch a movie on a plane without tiring your arms. Genius!

17. A bagel case from my father

18. A really unexpected way to use a toilet seat

19. This idea will help plant-lovers when they go on vacation — the water from the bottles lasts about 5 days!

20. One of the advantages of having long hair

Do you personally know any genius life hacks? Don’t hide them from us — share them with the world in the comments below!

Preview photo credit eran- / reddit, outpostart / Twitter