Breakfast – The Most Important Meal Of The Day!

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!”

“Eat breakfast like a king!”

Eat “diamonds“ for breakfast and have glow through the day!

Those who eat breakfast regularly, can tell you how useful it is. But what if you skip the breakfast? -You know that you should have a breakfast, but it’s hard if you’ve been awake until late hours and your stomach is still sleeping. We all know that breakfast is really important – and if you consume some healthy and balanced food in the morning, this can really help you “shine all day.”

So the question is, why are not we feeling hungry? Is there anything you can do about it?

Despite the “cliche “, we decided to go a little deeper into this topic.


To find the reason why you can’t “cope” with the food in the morning can be quite “tricky” mission. Regarding to our experience, the most common reasons are:

-- Long-standing habit – you never have entered into the routine of breakfast;

-- Perhaps you are not hungry in the morning because you routinely ate extensive dinner or snack at night before sleeping;

-- Rely on a mix of strong black coffee so you can function until the lunch.

Those who don’t eat in the morning probably have heard all the reasons why they should try to overcome the “barrier” for which they skip breakfast. But in case you need to remind yourself – here’s a quick summary.

When you wake up in the morning, you’ve gone a long time without eating. While you are asleep, your body is forced to reach for the reserves so it can maintain your system.

So, if you don’t fill your tank in the morning, you will not have the mental and physical energy you need during your working day.

Breakfast habit is associated with better weight control and better nutrition in general. Most of those who have successfully reduced their weight are having breakfast every day.

On the other hand, people who skip breakfast consume more fat, cholesterol, calories, sugar and significantly less fruit and vegetables than people who think breakfast is the most important thing.


-- Start with small and light breakfast

It is easy to create your breakfast habit with small, easily-digestible food rich in nutrients. Try with fruit protein shak or boiled eggs with fruit on the side.

-- Including protein

Proteins are important because they are not only helping breakfast keep you satisfied, they also help you be mentally alert. One study found that those who eat high protein breakfast need 200 calories less during dinner.

-- Split your meals into smaller portions

You don’t need to eat the entire meal at once. One sip of your shake in the morning, or eat an egg, then eat some fruit in half an hour.

-- Get up 15 minutes earlier

Additional 15 minutes in the morning can make a difference for those who are rushing to get out of the door. You will not only have time to do something quick and easy, you will also give your system the opportunity to wake up.

-- Do not rely only on “coffee and muffin”

Many people think that they should not have a breakfast, if they have already had “some coffee and muffin” in a coffee shop or bar. But that coffee has an innocent look, because when consumed along with a muffin it can store more than 700 calories in your body.

Just like when your car  needs some fuel to go on. It is the same with your body, so you should never skip breakfast!

Credit: healthyfoodhouse