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Protein Foods For Muscle Development

Do you want to have a nice sculpted body? -To do that, you need to go to the gym regularly. Everyone wants to have muscles, of course not as a professional builder, but just to increase muscle mass, which you do not have enough anyway.

Training in the gym is a great way to increase your muscle mass and shortest way to a sculpted body, but the whole process can be helped with proper diet. We should simply consume food that feeds muscles.

Muscles are mostly consisted proteins, which would mean that it is desirable to import proteins in the body.The best sources of proteins are already widely known: meat, eggs and fish.

You should eat at least 100g of meat or 100g of fish and minimum 2 eggs every day, but not in one meal. For example, you can eat the eggs in the morning and you can eat fish or meat for lunch or dinner. It is good to eat fish or meat in combination with fresh salad.

To increase muscle mass it is very useful to combine carbohydrates and protein, but in that case you should know that our body system needs twice as much time to process this food and it can cause stomach problems or bad breath. So perhaps it is better to consume separated protein and carbohydrates meals and you can feed the muscles in that way as well.

Don’t forget to drink a lot of water. Our muscles need water in the process of protein synthesis, so proteins are created in this process in the body. It is recommended to drink 7-8 glasses of water per day.

It is good idea to eat more frequently, but not in large quantities. You should have a small meal every 4 hours. This will stabilize your blood sugar level and energy level, so there is no need of snacks or sweets between meals and you will have enough energy to exercise.

In case you need more energy, eating nuts is a good solution. They return energy immediately  and contain certain amount of proteins. But be careful with the quantity, some of the nuts fruits are very caloric. Only six to seven almonds are quite sufficient to recover energy without harmful consequences.

Regular exercise and frequent small meals containing enough protein in only two or three months will give you strong, healthy and slim body.