10 Signs That Your Life Is Slowly Falling Apart

How often, before you go to bed, do you ask yourself if you are satisfied with just going through the motions of your day? Home — work — home, rare gatherings with friends, cleaning on Saturdays, and binge-watching 2 seasons of a TV show on Sundays — are you comfortable with living this way? It might even seem fine at first glance, but if you dig deeper, it turns out that there is a massive gap between your ideas about life and reality. Let’s overcome these.

Bright Side has gathered 10 signs for you that your life is gradually going downhill. From time to time, we can all recognize ourselves in these situations. But if they have become the norm of your life, then the problem might be more serious than you think. On the plus side though, realizing the problem is the first step toward solving it.

1. Nothing in this world interests you.

You think that there is nothing left in this world that can surprise you, and you raise your eyebrows skeptically in response to any news. (“A rocket was sent to Mars?” Yeah, what a great achievement, whatever. A new vaccine is being tested? “So what?”)

A person’s age is determined not only by the numbers on their passport, but also by the ability to find something new for themselves, to learn, and to develop. How many events in your life in recent years have caused you to do an enthusiastic “Wow!”? If the answer is not many, you need to do something about it, urgently.

2. You don’t care about yourself or your home.


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If you could not care less about your appearance, and the last time you cleaned your home was last month — this is a clear sign of a personal crisis. Indifference to your body and the environment around you only says that everything is not going smoothly in your life, and moreover, you have accepted this and given up on everything.

There is a reason people say that if you want changes in life, you should start with getting your house in order. Cleaning is extremely useful: it distracts from sad thoughts and helps sort out the mess in your head. Women are also advised to go to the hairdresser as a kind of therapy.

3. You hate your job.


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The working day has just begun, and you are already counting down the hours, waiting for it to end. Seeing that it’s only Wednesday, you get desperate and frantically look for a reason to leave early. You ask yourself when you are going to get a vacation? And then you remember that you had one 2 weeks ago...

Hating your job is a sure sign that something has to be changed. Perhaps you don’t like your boring role, unfriendly colleagues, or having to go to the other end of the city every day during rush hour. If you understand the true cause of your discontent, it will be easier for you to find a way out of the situation.

4. You refuse to communicate.


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Everyone needs personal space, but if you absolutely don’t want to see or hear anyone, avoid friends and relatives, and you go into “incognito” mode to browse social networks, then the situation is getting out of control.

Remember Holly, the heroine of the film P. S. I love you? It was her relatives and friends who helped her out from the abyss of longing and despair. Most likely, the people close to you only wish you well and your situation is not so unique that no person from your circle of family or close friends could help you figure out how to get out of it. You never know, maybe they will be able to give you the most valuable advice that will help fix everything.

5. Everything angers and annoys you.


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You start getting annoyed by literally everything: a trash can that your husband forgot to take out, your child’s poor grades at school, the weather outside, and the color of your nail polish. You easily lose your temper and you go from crying to raging and back again.

A constant search for the negative in your surrounding world speaks of unsolved problems that bother you and spill out into nitpicking and aggression. All this will stop if you honestly admit to yourself what really worries you and eliminate this problem.

6. You’ve got a ton of bad habits.


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Another way to deal with problems is by enlisting the help of bad habits like alcohol, cigarettes, gluttony, or midnight internet browsing. But they only create the appearance of you having control over your life. In fact, it’s nothing more than an attempt to hide your head even deeper in the sand.

Interestingly, your bad habits can tell a lot about you. For example, if you love tearing something to shreds, then the current state of things in life does not suit you. You subconsciously want to change something, and it’s difficult for you to relax.

7. You live in the past or spend a lot of time dreaming about the future.

You think that “Things used to be better in the good old days,” again and again scrolling in your head the same pleasant memories. Or, on the contrary, you think that “tomorrow will be better” and you just have to wait a little. But this “a little” lasts for weeks, months, or even years.

There is nothing wrong with sometimes getting lost in your daydreams. But when you constantly try to focus on “better times,” whether it is the past or the future, you subconsciously try to escape from the present.

8. You have nowhere to “charge.”

Each person has their own proven ways of dealing with a bad mood. Someone might pound a punching bag, someone else may go on an excursion to a nearby park, and another person restores their spiritual strength by taking a trip to the city where they grew up.

But if all those places that used to fill you with energy only cause you disappointment and a sense of moral devastation, then the crisis is evident. Hence, more radical methods of problem solving are needed. And, perhaps even the help of a specialist.

9. You became a prisoner of your own phone.


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Scientists at the University of Pittsburgh Medical School found out that people who spend more than one hour a day on social networks are more prone to depression. The notions of the life of others that are formed when scrolling through the news feed on social media evoke a feeling of envy and a distorted belief that other people live a more bright and successful life than you do.

This constant fixation on your phone can result in low self-esteem, nervous breakdowns, and a sense of total loneliness. Try to be offline more often: this will really make you happier.

10. You consider your life a “draft” and like to repeat: “Starting on Monday...”

There cannot be a “new life” starting from Monday, September 1, or the Chinese New Year. Remember the famous phrase from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland: “Tomorrow is never today! Can you wake up in the morning and say: “Well, now it’s finally tomorrow?” Endless procrastination will definitely not make you happy.

If you want to change something, do not look for a special occasion or a nice date, just start doing it right now.

Perhaps you read this article out of pure curiosity and can state with confidence: “It’s not about me.” In this case, we are sincerely happy for you. But if you recognize yourself in some of these situations, do not postpone the solution for later. You only have one life, and it should be lived well.

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