The value of thing depends upon people’s knowledge valuing it.

If these pictures were sold to you for $5, would you buy it? The pictures look quite primitive and messy.


For some people, these pictures seem to be useless or unattractive. But for the painters, they are the most stunning pictures they have never seen painted. In fact, they cost a fortune.


The more you look at them, the more you love them. Actually, the pictures have their worth but some people do not realize them.

However, the same thing might happen to you as well. People do not realize the value of you or something until the time comes, and they then feel regretful for losing it.

Sometimes people ignore or overlook you because they are blind or inconsiderate. Sometimes you are good enough to show your ability, but you just don’t have such a good chance to impress it. You are smart, skillful, and honest, but you have not been accepted, and that it is not your mistake. Your value might be seen by the people who know the worth of it.

People have their special talents since they possess different intelligence. You may not be good enough in poet but you are better at dancing or artists. Einstein can calculate faster than you; however, you might be better at singing than him.

All people, rich or poor, can look down on you. However, you cannot look down on yourself. Therefore, striving to advance your knowledge and your ability should be your concern as your value will be recognized by the time you accomplish what you have built.


By Rey

Editor: Serpent & Geo