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What are the keys to success if you want to be a successful millennial entrepreneur?

What are the keys to success if you want to be a successful millennial entrepreneur? Well, Andrew Kozlovski is here to share with you and students. He is a co-founder of the BrainzPower Company. He earned a fortune while studying in college, and appeared on the Forbes Magazine. On the video posted by Team Fearless, he shares his valuable experience with students and millennials.


Here are his five keys to success.

1 Start before you are ready

Kozlovski says the important thing in business is experience. He has learned from the business people, the book, and the interview that successful entrepreneurs wish they started their own business sooner because of the valuable experience. Kozlovski recommend that students should start their time as soon as they possibly can in order to gain as much experience as possible. So, students should start earlier since there has not been time, money, connection, and scenarios to start the business. Moreover, students should do whatever it takes to get success as they have a win-win scenario, he advises. They can whether succeed or gain experience. As a result, by getting started sooner, they can obtain one of these valuable things.

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2 Stop asking and start doing

Kozlovski points out in the video that if people ask any person how to succeed in something, he or she will tell them the common way to do it. However, they may not have asked the persons who have done it, which mean we get unclear information that is contrary to the truth. Kos puts in the work by starting to learn money step by step until making hundreds of thousands of dollars as opposed to thinking, asking, or wishing. So, “stop asking and start doing,” Kozlovski says.

3 Cut out all of the fat.

Kozlovski mentions there is no time for distract things since it is tough enough to be successful. He advises students to get rid of distractions, such as social media, TV, and hanging out. They will not be successful unless they remove all the distractions. As a result, they are going to have time for the mind to be more creative. Success is challenging since it requires good preparation. Hence, Kozlovski recommends taking out all the unnecessary distractions.

4 Dream big and chase the unrealistic

According to Kozlovski, all the achievement in his life is unrealistic. Not coming from a rich family, he earned a fortune while he was studying at a University. He says he was starting business at the age of 19 when his friends tried to hold him back. They inhibited him because of the fact that he did not have experience or capital to start with. However, he was dreaming big, and he believed that he was competent at unrealistic things. "Unrealistic thing are only unrealistic to negative people" he says. Thus, he encourages students to chase their dream as opposed to listening to naysayers. Settling for one job is not a good choice. "Go out and build your dreams while you are in college". "Do not follow what everyone else is doing. “Dream big and chase the unrealistic,” says Kozlovski.

5 Work while others play

“While studying in college, students tend to be caught up by others actions easily, such as going to the party, hitting the clubs, and drinking out with friends,” he says. All of these things are inessential. However, the important thing is what you have built during college life. Kozlovski says while others enjoyed life during their holidays, he was working so hard until he succeeded. Therefore, he advises students to "work while others play".


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