An illustrator who sees unique beauty in everyday life

Each new day is filled to the brim with bright colors and unforgettable emotions. You don’t agree? Perhaps, you’ve simply grown too used to them to notice! Routine can make us blind to the many little wonders that life has to offer.

The works of a gifted illustrator, Pascal Campion, are renowned for spotlighting the often-overlooked pleasures of our day-to-day existence. Today, Bright Side is proud to present a selection of his best creations!

So, what does it mean to cherish each passing moment? It means...

Feeling joy at the dawning of each new day

Sharing breakfast with someone you love

Being woken in the morning by your favorite "gang"

Having a great, laugh-filled time with your family

Frolicking in the rain together

Making out-of-the-blue surprises for your loved ones

Making a present with your own hands and giving it to someone special

Losing yourself in a good book, to the point of nearly missing your bus stop

Giving domestic chores a rest to sit down and leaf through your photo album..

Having a cozy night in with your four-pawed friend and your favorite movie

Listening and singing along to your favorite music, loud enough for everyone to hear

Entrusting your hair to your all-time favorite hair stylist

Noticing a shooting star and making a wish

Having some quality relax time in your bath

Watching your precious little miracle go to sleep

Preparing yourself a cup of hot tea.

And taking a brief timeout from the hustle and bustle

Simply looking around and savoring the air!

Open your eyes; true happiness has always been right here beside you!

Never forget the simple truth — life is beautiful!

Author of the illustrations: Pascal Campion