10 things all parents should never have done for their children


In the name of parents, people more often than not put the needs of their children first. They show love, affection, and care to their children. They do not want their children to face any difficulties that they have to carry all the burden in the family. All of this seems to be quite typical to most parents because of parenthood. However, parents should not always be there to help their children all the time. Instead, they should teach as well as allow them to do what they can on their own in order to make them more independent and self-reliant. The following images show 10 things all parents should never have done for their children:

1.    Allow children to do things on their own


2.   Give them chance to make their own decision


3.   Allow them to walk there on their own


4.   Don’t blame them; make them feel motivated


5.   Teach them to learn and discover things by themselves


6.   Teach them to respond on their own when someone asks


7.   Show them reasons to the problems


8.   Let them make some mistakes


9.   Teach them to think and consider on their own


10. Never think they are too young to do things by themselves



By: Serpent

Source: កញ្ញា​ សប្បាយ