7 Weird Facts About How the Royal Family Travels

The Royal family has a big list of rules that should be considered before any of its members set out on a trip. These rules are applied to their luggage, food, things that must be taken with them, how much time they should be present during this or that event, and so on. Some of these obligations sound absurd but the reasons behind them are actually clear and logical.

Bright Side has compiled a list of weird yet important rules that the Royal Family members must follow when traveling. And we’re going to share them with all of you!

7. Their trips are short and boring.

Princes, dukes, and even the Queen can only dream of trips full of leisurely strolls, excursions, and café visits. Of course, they can afford to visit any part of the world so we can’t feel that bad for them. Most of the time, Royal Family members spend their hours in official meetings, and each minute belongs to a tight schedule. They even know the exact time they should leave an event and get into a car. By the way, they usually have just 40 minutes to visit the world’s most popular attractions.

6. They should have identical outfits.

The Queen’s personal assistant and stylist, Angela Kelly always takes 2 identical outfits for Elizabeth II. The thing is, the Queen should always look spotless. So in case of any unpleasant emergencies, she should quickly be able to change before anyone can notice anything. There must be no stains, holes, or stitches at all.

5. They should also have a black suit.

Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip, and the Duchess of Windsor near Windsor castle after the funeral of the Duke of Windsor on June 5, 1972

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The monarchs should always have a black suit in their luggage. It’s not for official occasions, it’s a special outfit in case any of their relatives or close friends die while the Royals are abroad. This way, upon their return, they’ll be dressed appropriately.

This rule was implemented after the father of Elizabeth II died in 1952 while she was in Africa. When she returned home, she had to wait for a black suit to arrive while inside the plane.

4. They should have a supply of their own blood.

We believe this is the most unusual thing to be found in a Royal’s luggage. But according to the protocol, they must take a supply of blood with them in case of an emergency. What’s more, is there must be a doctor present to perform the blood transfusion, so a personal doctor always travels with Royal Family members.

3. They’re accompanied by a big group of assistants.

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Wherever they go, the Royals take a big group of assistants with them. Secretaries, hairdressers, bodyguards, stylists, and babysitters — everyone who can be helpful during a trip would definitely go with the family. The Queen has 34 assistants and the Dukes of Cambridge have around 10 helpers. Meghan and Harry are only accompanied by a few interpreters and a personal stylist.

2. They should know how to greet people in all languages of the world.

Being representatives of the British monarchy, family members must learn how to greet people in multiple languages. They should also know and be able to demonstrate the rules of etiquette of the country they are going to visit. They always have their assistants who prepare them for an important trip. Plus, they’re always accompanied by interpreters (who are native speakers from wherever they’re visiting) to avoid any pauses in dialogue and quickly answer any questions.

1. An individual menu for each family member

Palace workers negotiate food requirements for the monarchs with foreign chefs in advance. It’s prohibited to add onions or too many spices (to keep breath fresh), seafood, or other foods that can lead to mishaps in a meal. As for the Queen, she keeps her favorite dish a secret as she thinks that if she tells anyone, this dish will forever be served to her.

Let’s admit that it’s really difficult to be a Royal Family member despite all the wealth and fame that comes with it. Do you agree?

Preview photo credit Bob Cass / Capital Pictures / EAST NEWS