Scientists Have Found That Young Adults Are Growing Unusual Bone Structures on the Backs of Their Heads

Research conducted at the University of Sunshine Coast in Australia has discovered that young adults, mainly between the ages of 18-30, are developing an unusual growth on the back of their skull. The possible cause for this is said to be “mechanical load,” which is responsible for this growth that was only observed in older adults and not in anyone below the age of 40.

The study is claiming to have found something which has never been observed before and we at Bright Side would love to share the facts with you.

Unusual bone growths, or bone spurs, are known to be found in people of old age, but the study done by David Shahar and Mark G. L. Sayers has put forward new and shocking details. After collecting and analyzing data from 1,200 people of both sexes, between 18-86, it has been found that for some reason, exostosis, aka bone spurs, are growing in older teens and young adults, and the number of people this is happening to is rising.

Interestingly enough, these bone spurs are growing on the backs of their skulls, and they kind of look like horns. In fact, various media outlets reported that young people are growing “horns” on the back of their skulls due to their use of mobile phones and other technology for long hours, which is false. Even though they look like horns, they are not actually horns and it’s not the mobile phones which are to be blamed directly.

But the growth is indeed taking place in youth, when before it was only found in old people. Something is changing and something is definitely causing the change. According to the research, “mechanical load” is responsible for the bone spurs, which may or may not include the usage of technology for long periods of time. However, this is only an assumption made by scientists for a potential study.

This horn-like bone spur has been found in over 40% of people between the ages of 18-29 and it is pretty shocking. Another possible cause for the same issue could be bad posture. It is already known that bad body posture affects the shape of our skeletal structure. Maybe in some young adults, the neck and spine have become so inflamed, that the body is growing new bones to support them.

The leading cause of bad posture is old age, which explains why bone spurs are commonly found in older people. But it should be noted that the other major causes are desk jobs, high heels, technology, carrying heavy bags, and poor nutrition. If you pay attention, you will find that all these factors are a daily part of young people’s lives in today’s generation.

Of course, we cannot quit our desk jobs or using technology, but we can certainly keep in mind that our daily activities affect our bodies in a more severe way than we could have ever imagined. Try stretching in intervals when you are at work, taking breaks when you are using your phone, and so on. The study has not found the bone spurs to be harmful yet, but who knows what they will uncover in the future. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

Do you think the changes are something to be worried about? What do you think is causing it? Let us know in the comments!

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