Five key principles to make your conversation successful


Conversation plays a crucial role in the interaction between two or more people on the daily basis. It takes place in different situations and contexts in our everyday lives. In fact, the cooperation, negotiation, communication, and discussion in businesses are all in the form of conversation. Also, school teachers interact with their students by having conversation and so do other contextual situations.

However, it doesn’t seem and sound pretty straightforward to make our conversation successful. What does a successful conversation mean? How do we make it successful? Well, a successful conversation means a mutually meaningful conversation made between two or more people. The conversation goes on and on in a convenient and satisfying way. The people who involve in the conversation show their interests toward one another. It is said to be certain that to succeed in any conversation, you had better take into account the five key principles such as add comments, don’t just say yes or no, ask questions, express interest, and use body language. 

1     Add comments


Certainly, your conversation will sound clumsy or even boring if you add no comments. Either you or your partner will actually feel like what is being talked is not interested at all. If this occurs during your conversation, do you think your conversation will last long or end up feeling satisfied? I would say “Of course NOT”. Let us say you begin with “It is a lovely day, isn’t it?” and your partner replies “I think so.” Or “Yes, it is.” Then you will start to feel like you do not want to keep on your conversation. However, if he or she says “Sure, it is much better than yesterday. Shall we do something interesting?” and stuff like that. As you hear such a response, you will actually tend to know what to say more and continue your talk on and on.

2      Don’t just say yes or no


It is certain that your partner does expect to get back good responses and vice versa when asking questions. Although they begin with Yes/No questions, you should not reply to them with just Yes or No. For instance, when he or she asks the question “Did you have a good weekend?”, you will surely respond back “Yes, I did.” It is correct, of course. Anyway, it sounds pretty short and less informative. It would be better if you say “Yes, I did. I went shopping with my mother. It was like fun.” in response. In this way, not only does it make your response more informative, but it also sounds more polite.

3     Ask questions


The conversation will not go on smoothly without asking questions back and forth. It will probably last a few minutes if you or your partner asks questions alone. In fact, any conversation involves with asking and answering questions. If you wish to lengthen your conversation with your partner, you should ask questions properly. You should make sure that all your questions are in connection with the topic raised. Being able to make use of questions appropriately allows you to maintain your conversation in a successful way.

4      Express interest


It is significantly important to express interest and pay attention to your partner during a conversation. Bear in mind that you should have good eye contact and facial expressions toward him or her. That will absolutely proves that you are really interested in what he or she is talking about. Honestly, not only do they want to make a conversation with you, but they also appreciate your attitude toward them. This will surely guarantee success in your conversation.

5      Use body language


It really works when you use body language or gestures during a conversation. That helps boosting up the understanding of what you are talking to your partner. It is thought that nonverbal body language takes up about 70% of your conversation process. That means only 30% of the conversation is verbal. Therefore, you should never leave behind the use of body language in your conversation. In addition, the use of both verbal and nonverbal languages during conversation will make it more natural. As a result, your conversation will become successful as well as meaningful.


By: Serpent