15+ Feel-Good News Stories From the Australian Bushfires That Prove There’s a Silver Lining in Every Struggle

You can’t have the light without the dark. And since Australia has plenty of brave heroes that rescue animals from burning forests, join fire brigades, volunteer in hospitals 24/7, and shelter harmed animals in their own homes, there’s definitely hope!

Bright Side will show you that this horrible situation brought out the best in some people and united complete strangers, forming a supportive community.

1. The Irwin family has saved 90,000 injured animals from the bushfires.

2. “Our volunteer firefighters are legends in their own category.”

3. This young guy is searching for injured wildlife. This is one of 7 koalas he’s saved so far.

4. Tons of vegetables were dropped from the air to help feed animals impacted by the bushfires.

5. The female indigenous Australian fire brigade works 24/7 to protect their land.

6. Comedian Celeste Barber raised over $50 million on her donation page on Facebook.

7. A zookeeper from Mogo Zoo saved animals from the fire by taking them home.

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Staff at Mogo Zoo south of Batemans Bay have been working desperately to control fires on the property, describing it as a “war zone”. They have been able to protect all zoo animals #nswfires 📸: Chad Staples pic.twitter.com/l7bGad1yyb

8. Over 600 bats were evacuated to the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital, getting a second chance at life.

9. Chris Hemsworth donated $1 million to fight the wildlife crisis.

10. A dog saved a flock of sheep by bringing them to a safe paddock, while her owner fought a fire that was approaching their farm.

11. Newport’s Muslim community cooks meals and brings supplies to exhausted firefighters and locals in Johnsonville.

12. “This is a picture of my cousin, who saved this joey, and who is fighting the fires in Victoria.”

13. This girl made wraps for rescued baby bats and came to Bat Conservation and Rescue Queensland to help.

14. An Australian farmer set up a drinking pool for the wildlife of Australia to quench their thirst.

15. The Sydney Opera house pays tribute to the brave firefighters in Australia battling the bushfires.

16. A makeshift koala rescue center, set up at a school gym in Australia, has cared for over 250 koalas.

17. Outside a fruit shop in Australia

18. WWF launched an ambitious program “Towards Two Billion Trees” to recover over a million hectares of koala habitat by 2030.

19. The Australian town of Bungendore leaves out a stocked fridge with cold drinks for firefighters.

Do you know of similar stories we could add to this list? We’d be happy to see your suggestions in the comments section below. And in case you want to make a donation to help fight the Australian bushfires, here are several links: Red Cross, NSW Rural Fire Service, Queensland Fire Service.

Preview photo credit Generation-X-Cellent / reddit, Matt Kean MP ‏/ twitter