15+ Gowns From Miss Universe Contests That Swept Us Off Our Feet

The National Costume Presentation, as part of the Miss Universe contest, is a tribute to tradition and beauty. From mythical creatures to historic milestones and nature, every year each country chooses creates, and presents their costume and the results are a feast for the eyes.

Bright Side created a gallery of gowns that are not only spectacular but have the creativity to combine modern culture with folklore and tradition, in a magical blend. Scroll through to the end, our bonus will reveal the winners of 2018 and 2019.

1. Miss Japan as Sailor Moon, the female version of a ninja

2. Miss Canada as the Queen of the Maple Leaf

3. Miss Thailand as “Chang”, the symbol of Siam

4. Miss Brazil as Arararinha Azul, an Amazonian bird

5. Miss Bahamas as a pineapple

6. Miss Puerto Rico as The Winds of Hurricane Maria

7. Miss Peru as an Amazonian siren

8. Miss Nepal as the Goddess Avalokiteshvara

9. Miss USA as a Rose, the USA’s national flower

10. Miss El Salvador inspired by the Panchimalco Festival

11. Miss Portugal inspired by the Port of Setubal

12. Miss Costa Rica as the Blue Morpho Butterfly

13. Miss Laos inspired by the Amazonian fires

14. Miss Malaysia as a Malaysian sweets buffet

15. Miss Ecuador inspired by Amazonian birds

16. Miss Russia as a Woman of Nobility

17. Miss Vietnam as Banh Mi, the iconic Vietnamese sandwich

Bonus: The winning costume of 2018 was from Miss Laos, which was inspired by Kinnaree — half-bird, half-woman, all mythical creature.

The winning costume of 2019 was from Miss Philippines, which was a goddess with 2 life-sized birds on her shoulders.

We hope you enjoyed these national treasures of creativity and beauty. Where are you from? What does the national costume of your country look like? Share your photos in the comments.